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2007-11-23 - 11:05 p.m.

Quote for today: Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow anon Happy Holidays everyone, The weather has cooled down here in Texas its the burrrr weather. We were hoping to have Thanksgiving dinner outside, my father cleaned the backyard for us really good but the cold front came in and made it really cold so we had dinner in our house.

Anyways we had over 22 adults and 16 1/2 kids at our dinner lots of food and lots of deserts to eat we are stuffed.

Time to get out the Christmas decorations I want to do this early because every year we are late. I heard Christmas trees are going up this holiday because of the rising gas prices..bla....

Got a new male goat....his name was Chivo...I said was....he's new name is lil diablo which means lil devil, my neighbor named him.

I looked high and low for a male La manacha goat for my Barrels goat and found one finally on the craiglisting. I was so excited bringing home but a little leery when I saw him locked up in a trailor.

When I asked the owner if he jumped she said only if there is something for him to jump on to help him go over a fence...oh gosh...I should have said does he fly?

So anyways I took him home and put him out with our goat and my sheep. He jumps out and ignores my goat and terroizes my sheep for a bit. My Barrels just looks at this funny black goat running about and does nothing.

Finally he notices her and starts chasing her everywhere. Once he finds out she is not in heat he runs out to my coop and starts to terroizing my chickens for awhile, I see them flying and running from him.

I go in the house forawhile thinking he is just exploring. The phone rings. Its my neighbor across the street. Our new goat has jumped our 4 feet high fence, jumped her electric fence, had terroized her sheep, then went though an electric high voltage fence and was chasing the bucks around. I might add that one of the bucks was three times his size.

Oh no, but that wasnt the end of it, he then runs to the pregnant does and starts to terroize them biting and chasing them around. I will also add that these does are worth $750 on up and the kids they carry at least $350 on up. I bought this goat for $50.

So it takes us half an hour to catch him. My husband and I are looking at each other about this time thinking if we dont catch him by night hubby is going back to the house and get a gun. You may think that is cruel but one of the pregnant does starts to go into labor and might lose the baby.

If the others go in labor too and miscarry not only will I feel bad but I feel we would be liable for these goats. These goats are so spoiled by the owner she keeps the lights on for them at night so they wont be scared! She loves these goats she has no children of her own so I do not blame her for loving them so much.

We finally catch him and thrown him into a pen and have to put a tarp on the top because I am scared he is going to be like a spider goat and climb the darn things.

I was shaking so much and my stomach hurt so much from all the commotion. What am i going to do with him? I tried to be friends with him and he trys to bite me, then when I put food and water for him he eats for a min then knocks it over and bites the dishes. Hes crazy I tell you or raised to be very spoiled.

At the end of the month here my goat goes into heat. I am going to breed her to him during this time and hope that it takes. After that I am not sure what I am going to do.

We would have to put in a 10 feet tall fence to keep him in and if we spent that much money on it, if by chance he still escapes he will go straight to my neighbors house then what?

time will tell, at least I am learning from my mistakes.


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